horses and their people

We are just getting started with this page and we need your help.  If you have a KR horse and you'd like to participate, we'd love to share your story.  Please send us a photo and a write-up.

Bonnie in California

"I bought Faraon KR ( Faralay II by Omega KR) as a three year old 2 years ago. I was treated with great hospitality when I came to Lakeview to meet the Ketchams and it was clear right from the start that I had found just the youngster I was seeking. Of all the horses I have worked with in my long life, Faraon is my absolute favorite! He is sweet, willing, happy and talented. He is a barn favorite wherever he goes, famous for his sprawled out, sound asleep naps. He shows great promise in dressage and working equitation and he is curious and brave on the trails, too. I went out to find a son or daughter of Faralay and consider myself so lucky to have found my perfect horse."

Bryan and Farallon by Faralay II

Bryan Kunic in Hollister, CA

I purchased Farallon as a yearling in 2015. Though he was too young to start, I wanted to start make progress with him. So a few months after purchase I took him to Mike Bridges’ very informative In-Hand clinic. He did very well. In fact, he did much better than me! The next year, we both did very well in the clinic. This was a very good foundation for him. I highly recommend In-Hand work as it is so valuable for giving a horse a good foundation. 

When he was three he was started under saddle. This was very anti-climactic. I then began riding him regularly. He was still very young as a three year old and as I’m a big guy, we initially limited our rides to ten minutes. At this point we were just getting used to each other, there wasn’t much schooling taking place yet. 

Once the schooling began, I was surprised at how quickly he would pick things up. He picked up the shoulder in & out and traverse movements very quickly. Farallon has always been extremely responsive to my legs. He has always bent and moved laterally very nicely with just the lightest touch of my legs. It’s almost as if he can read my mind. Needless to say, he is a dream to ride. He stops on a dime while dropping his hindquarters very nicely. He will back-up from here to China. He bends and counter-bends with the lightest of signals. 

Farallon has an excellent work ethic. He likes having a job to do and has a lot of “try.” His personality is delightful and everyone who comes into contact with him always comments on this. He is always very popular with everyone and something if a ham. His high intelligence and very calm demeanor is characteristic of KR PRE's. As is the superb confirmation and movement. I like those straight and strong legs with good bone, as well as those nice big dark round hooves. 

I was looking for a horse that was built right and moves right. A horse that I could school with dressage exercises but also bushwhack with. Or ride in the backcountry or do some ranch roping with. All with confidence. In short, a truly versatile horse. Farallon has checked all these boxes with ease. He is very sure-footed and I would not hesitate to ride him over almost any kind of terrain or footing. 

I have developed a high admiration of the Andalusian horse. It’s a wonderful breed of horse. You might say that I’ve found my niche. Moving forward I fully expect that the only horses that I will purchase in the future are purebred Andalusians. And I would expect that they will be KR Andalusians at that. With a KR Andalusian you get the whole the works in a very attractive package - intelligence, temperament, build and movement. Why try to re-invent the wheel by going anywhere else? 

The Ketchams should be commended for their excellent breeding program. And they give their young horses a great life by raising them the right way. They stand behind their horses 100% and really care about both their horses as well as their clients.